Barracuda 50m: The Pocket Explorer

Barracuda Yacht Design has unveiled their new project: The Barracuda 50m, an interesting "Pocket" Explorer design.

By offering the ‘go-anywhere’ capability and sense of luxury available from a larger size Explorer, Barracuda’s uncomplicated ‘Pocket-Size’ version makes sound commercial sense.

With enough space to carry every kind of conceivable extra for the true adventurer, this compact and more ‘practical’ 50m version benefits from significant new-build and operational savings of between 30% and 40% less, when compared to an equivalent 60m+ yacht.

An entirely private owner’s deck, with panoramic views, private terrace and certified helicopter landing pad sits beneath a ‘Portugese’ bridge with external walkaround area where inside the wheelhouse raised seating will provide an exciting place for invited guests to enjoy the views.

A lower-deck beach club and transom platform creates the best possible contact with the sea. The yacht’s garage and customisable aft deck area above have, between them, enough space to store and deploy everything from two large tenders, to a small submarine, a small 4x4, a sailing yacht, PWC – in fact anything and everything an owner might wish to carry on voyage.

Located on the main deck, there are four symmetrical guest bedrooms, each with a balcony, a generous bathroom and large windows, where guests will enjoy the convenience of walk-through access as they pass through the main entrance hall and in to the formal dining and comfortable lounge areas.

With a draft of just 2.30m, it’s not hard to imagine this uncomplicated and highly purposeful yacht accessing the kind of secluded anchorage, or hard-to-reach viewing spot, that longer length, deeper-draft yachts would simply not be able to reach.

Photos: Courtesy of Barracuda Yacht Design