Penna: A revolution in the Explorer Yacht market from McDiarmid Design

The British designer Alex McDiarmid, described as the "Enfant terrible" of yacht design, is delighted to present his new eye-catching project: Penna, a 100m Explorer yacht.

Penna comes from the latin word for feather, where his inspiration began.

"Looking at both tail and flight feathers, we began to see that their overall design and profiles would lend themselves nicely to superyacht design and only in our inimitable style. In particular the A-symetrical form of flight feathers producing a profile based on the layout of a classic Explorer/Expedition yacht," says Alex McDiarmid.

"We were adamant about keeping a classic bow for one of the attached concepts but wanted to really push some boundaries with the styling of others. The aft section of the hull, superstructure and 'Day Light Opening' / DLO window graphics are there to be explored in terms of style.  It is a concept after all which would require new ways in thinking for production but concept designs should offer an insight into what could be while at the same time entertaining the viewer".


In this project, Penna will have a steel hull and an aluminum superstructure. She will be powered by four MTU 3600 kw or alternatively by a hybrid power diesel Electric propulsion system with pod drives, electric Voith Inline Propulsors/thrusters, Volvo Penta D16 MG gensets, Valance batteries.

Her interior will accommodate up to 14 guests and 24 crew members.

The aft deck will house a helicopter platform, ribs, tenders, toys and potential for a sailing yacht, laboratories could be integrated if the project is to be used as a research vessel.

Photos: Courtesy of  McDiarmid Yacht & Design